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Protein Purification and Characterization

Points of Contact: Christopher Berndsen (540.568.2355)
Gina MacDonald (540.568.6852)
Nathan Wright (540.568.2874)

The JMU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry research and teaching laboratories are well-equipped with modern instruments for the purification and characterization of biomolecules.  For bacteria growth, we have two autoclaves and four temperature-controlled incubator-shakers (18L capacity) with corresponding UV-Vis spectrometers, and multiple incubators and waterbaths.  For cell lysis, protein purification, and protein detection, our holdings include two sonicators with microtips, multiple centrifuges (including micro- and ultra-centrifuges), a 4°C cold room with lab space, multiple -80°C and -20°C freezers and 4°C refrigerators, a nanodrop spectrometer, a peptide synthesizer, two PCR thermocyclers, and multiple gel stations.  Our characterization instruments include a CD spectropolarimeter (with temperature control, fluorescence detection, and a rapid quench flow attachment), numerous FTIRs (with ATR accessories), numerous UV-Vis spectrometers (multi-cell, variable temperature), a 2-D gel imager, plate readers (dual injectors, variable temperature, polarization, absorbance, FRET), a fluorimeter, HPLC, a laminar flow hood, and an NMR facility (300, 400, 600 MHz equipped for protein detection).  In addition, we have access to an isothermal titration calorimeter through the Department of Biology.