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Advisor meetings are largely voluntary and up to the student to initiate.  However, regular conversations between students and advisors about course selection, career paths, and other academic aspects are critical to successful academic decision making. Students hold the ultimate responsibility for their academic career decisions. You can find your assigned advisor’s name on MyMadison.

Advisor for freshman chemistry majors, Dr. Deborah Warnaar.

Resources for Students and Advisors

Student Responsibilities

  • Make decisions, declare a major, check JMU email regularly.
  • Schedule and keep appointments with your advisor.
  • Monitor progress toward your university, college and major degree requirements.
  • Seek help and follow advice at the first sign of difficulty.
  • Engage in university, college and department activities that will enhance your experience at JMU.
  • Participate in university, college and department surveys and assessment activities as a student and as an alumnus.
  • Apply for graduation one semester prior to your graduation date.

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Provide an encouraging and supportive environment for students to share their goals, concerns, and interests.
  • Understand and effectively communicate JMU degree requirements.
  • Assist students in making major and course decisions.
  • Refer students to appropriate resources.
  • Maintain confidentiality of student records as outlined in the University Catalog.
  • Uphold the values, policies, and procedures of the department, College of Science and Math, and JMU.