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JMU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminars


Fall 2013
Seminars are in ISAT 159 at 3:35 pm unless otherwise noted.

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Fri., Sep. 13 JMU Undergraduates
Matthew Dent
Gabriel Liu
Chelsey McMinn
Faith Ntundi
Brian Reeves
Emigdio Turner
Summer Academic Experiences Outside of JMU
Fri., Sep. 27 Dr. Christine A. Hughey
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA
Beer-omics: Untargeted Metabolomic Profiling of Single-Hop Craft Beers by Positive and Negative Ion Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
Thu., Oct. 3
Taylor 404
Dr. James Wighman
Dept. of Chemistry (ret.)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA

Dr. Bill Wightman
Art and Art History
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA
Special Presentation:
Art & Science - Creative Curricular Commonalities

This multi-institution, interdisciplinary father and son team returns for their 10th Annual presentation exploring connections between Art & Science. This program is primarily for CHEM 135L students but others are welcome to attend.
Fri., Oct. 4 Dr. Linda Columbus
Dept. of Chemistry
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
Membrane protein structural biology: from micelles to bacterial invasion
Fri., Oct. 11 Dr. Bruce Wilcox
Director of Instrumentation and Lab Operations
Applied Proteomics, Inc.
San Diego, CA
Science in the Fastlane: Rapid development of multi-omics techniques for the discovery and implementation of clinical biomarkers
Wed., Oct. 16
(4pm, ISAT 236)
Dr. Paul Floreancig
Dept. of Chemistry
University of  Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Stereoselective Synthesis with Non-Stereoselective Reactions
Fri., Oct. 25 Dr. Chris Bachmann
Dept. of Integrated Science and Technology
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA
National Chemistry Week Seminar, sponsored by SAACS

Chemistry Counts:  Clean, Renewable fuels powering into the future
Fri., Nov. 1 Tim Burkholder (JMU '80)
Eli Lilly

Heidi Arthur (JMU '94)
Endo Pharmaceuticals

Cristina Angelo (JMU '02)
Sigma Aldrich
Homecoming Roundtable