IF-AT (Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique) forms look like scantrons but they are much better. Instead of filling in blanks, students scratch off selected answers on IF-AT forms until they get the correct answer. Correct answers reveal a star, while incorrect answers are blank. IF-AT forms offer students immediate feedback when taking quizzes or exams and encourage active learning. IF-AT forms are most effective for use with cooperative learning activities and formative assessments. IF-ATs optimize group work by challenging students to collaborate effectively to ensure they scratch-off the correct answers to each question. 

Try IF-ATs in your classroom

The CFI maintains a modest inventory of IF-ATs for JMU faculty to try IF-AT forms in their courses. Please request IF-ATs in advance of your classroom needs; there may be cases where we cannot supply you with the type or quantity you need. IF-AT orders will be filled as they are received but please allow at least three business days for your order. When considering IF-AT use for large enrollment classes, be mindful that IF-ATs are most effective when used in groups. Our supply of IF-ATs is intended to help you try something new. If you intend to use these routinely in your courses, please speak to your department about the value of this technique to your classes and ask them to support your use of IF-ATs. The CFI cannot supply IF-AT needs in excess of 150 forms per faculty member per semester.

Request form

If the CFI does not have the form you need or to format a new test, Epstein Educational Enterprises provides an online test builder, which will easily format your quiz or test so that it is compatible with a variety of forms.

More information about using IF-AT forms

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