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Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Institute

Location: Carrier TLT
Dates: Fridays Jan 24 - Feb 28
Registration is now closed.

How might we use digital technologies to spark innovation in our classrooms and at the same time build upon the core skills and pedagogies within our disciplines? This six-week institute explores this question by introducing instructors in the humanities and social sciences to an array of theories, methods, and technologies associated with the digital humanities.

Through readings, discussion, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops, participants will:

  • Become more conversant with digital humanities methodologies and pedagogies;
  • Gain working knowledge of popular digital tools such as Wordpress, Twitter, and cloud-based collaboration technologies; and
  • Learn the basics of video production and post-production.  

With the help of the instructors, CIT staff and CFI faculty, and fellow institute members, participants will mobilize digital humanities tools and methodologies to design a fully realized assignment (including a detailed description, grading rubric, and timeline) for one of their classes. Participants who meet institute expectations will receive a $400 stipend.

Facilitator: Seán McCarthy, Ph.D., School of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

Facilitator: Andrew Witmer, Ph.D., Department of History

The institute is sponsored by the Division of Academic Affairs, College of Arts and Letters, Center for Faculty Innovation, and the Center for Instructional Technology.

2014 Participants:

Tim Ball, Communication Studies

Terry Beitzel, Justice Studies

Michael Galgano, History

Mark Hawthorone, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

Yongguang Hu, History

Tracy Lupher, Philosophy and Religion

Elizabeth Pass, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

Toni Whitfield, Communication Studies