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Larry Lengbeyer, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law at the United States Naval Academy.  Larry attended Harvard College, concentrating in Applied Mathematics, singing in the Glee Club, and competing in intercollegiate crew and squash. As winner of a Knox Fellowship, upon graduating in 1979 Larry spent a year at Clare College, Cambridge, studying Social & Political Sciences and playing for the Cambridge varsity basketball team. He then attended Yale Law School, where he was one of its first students to be awarded a scholarship to undertake a fourth year of interdisciplinary research. Following a clerkship with the Hon. Dorothy W. Nelson on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Los Angeles, Larry joined the faculty of the Tulane Law School in 1985, where he taught several philosophically oriented courses in addition to the law of business associations and criminal procedure. After spending 1990-92 back at Yale with fellowships allowing him to pursue research in philosophy and linguistics, Larry enrolled at Stanford, where he worked toward his Ph.D in philosophy (focusing upon philosophy of mind, knowledge, and language) and continued his avid singing. With a one-year stop on the faculty of Franklin & Marshall College, Larry in 2000 joined the Naval Academy's Department of Leadership, Ethics, & Law, where (other than a year at the University of Haifa, Israel, as a Fulbright Scholar) he has since been thrilled to be part of a team working energetically to enhance the moral and intellectual development of the midshipmen.  His theoretical research focuses on issues in moral psychology, while his pedagogic research is aimed at redesigning educational curricula to pursue the development of students' intellectual virtues, and also at improving critical thinking skills through use of computer-aided argument mapping.  He is now passing along his love of music-making to his four young daughters.