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The CFI currently offers the following types of Orientations:

New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Academy

University Resources

There are many JMU offices and services that support all aspects of your responsibilities as a faculty member.

Card Services (568-6446, - The JMU Card Services office provides the official identification card, JACard, which permits access to most university services and facilities.

Career & Academic Planning (568-6555, - Assists faculty in guiding and encouraging students in their academic and out- of-class experiences as they navigate their way toward a rewarding career.

Center for Assessment & Research Studies (568-6706, - Provides support for all assessment of student learning outcomes at JMU, fosters scholarship on higher education assessment, and sets a high standard for assessment and measurement practices.

Center for Faculty Innovation (568-4846, - Designs and implements faculty-driven programs and services to support faculty in their multidimensional roles as teachers, scholars, leaders, and advisers.

City Bus Schedule (540-432-0492, - Bus system offered in conjunction with the City of Harrisonburg with routes on and off campus.

Classroom Technology ( - Supports mediated teaching classrooms available in multiple locations.  Provides classroom key distribution and information regarding classroom equipment. Part of Innovation Services.

Community Service Learning (568-6366, - Information to help identify and coordinate service-learning opportunities for faculty and studentsComputer Purchases (568-3555, - Academic unit and personal computer purchases.

Computing at JMU (568-3555, - Accounts, computing policies, security, getting connected, computer labs and more.

Counseling & Student Development Center (568-6552, - Provides information and support to help faculty respond to student behavior that may cause uncertainty, concern, and/or alarm.

Dean of Students (568-6468, - Assists students who are withdrawing from the University and notifies faculty of extended absences when a student is incapacitated or experiencing extraordinary circumstances over the course of several days.

Employee Giving Campaign (568-3863, – Information on ways faculty can support the mission of JMU by donating to the Madison Fund.

General Education Program (568-2852, – The core academic program of James Madison University. It is required of all students regardless of their major or professional program.

Honors College (568-6953, – Offers a setting in which students who share a similar enthusiasm for learning are brought together in intellectual fellowship.

Human Resources (568-3825, - Benefit information, retirement and more.

Innovation Services (568-7061, – Supports the integration of technology into teaching and learning at JMU by sharing information, developing faculty skills, providing resources, developing new technologies, and managing instructional technology systems. Part of JMU Libraries, formerly Center for Instructional Technology (CIT).

Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IdLS )Program (568-5260, – Provides content-area education for future teachers and is designed to prepare students to meet subject area competencies required for teacher licensure in Virginia.

Information Technology (568-3555) – Provides computing and electronic support for effective teaching, research, and personal interactions. Get a “quick” start at JMU computing at

JMU Learning Centers (568-2932, - Supports the diverse learning and scholarship needs of students, faculty, and staff through integrated academic support services in a learner-centered and supportive environment. These programs and services include Communication Center, English Language Learner Services, Science & Math Learning Center, Peer Assisted Study Sessions, and University Writing Center.

JMU Zimrides ( - Find friends and co-workers on JMU’s private, ridesharing network.

Libraries ( - Information about JMU library services, research gateway to library collections, and much more.

  • Carrier Library, 568-6150 Music Library, 568-6041
  • Special Collections, 568-3612
  • Rose Library, 568-2731 Media Resources, 568-6802

Madison Scholar (568-3674, - Journal highlighting scholarship at JMU.

MyMadison – ( - Web-based employee service center to access payroll, training and other employment information.

Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices (OSARP) (568-6218, - details the rights and responsibilities of students, reviewing cases involving disciplinary matters and, when necessary, imposing sanctions for violations in accordance with the policies laid out in the JMU Student Handbook.   

Office of Disability Services (568-6705, - Assists the university in creating an accessible community where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in their educational experience. These programs and services include Assistive Technology Computer Labs, Disability Services, Learning Strategies Instruction, and Screening and Assessment Services.

Office of Research and Scholarship (568-2700, - Support and development of innovative opportunities to promote scholarly activities for the university community and advance economic development for the state and region.

Office of Research Integrity (ORI)(568-7025, - ORI promotes a culture of compliance, research integrity, and high quality research within the University community.

Office of Sponsored Programs (568-6872, - Support with grants, proposal and budget development, funding searches and more.

Parking Services (568-3300, - Parking permits, maps, and more.

Registrar (568-6281, - MyMadison login, academic calendar, final exam times, posting grades and more.

Statistical Consulting Center (568-6184, - Provides statistical expertise to faculty, staff or students.

Talent Development (568-3845, - Serves administrative and professional faculty as well as classified staff and wage employees with performance improvement opportunities that contribute to the achievement of the university’s mission.

University Advising (568-7350, – Comprehensive resources to help you advise JMU students through their undergraduate career. University Advising coordinates advising support for academic units, provides training and support to faculty advisors, oversees the development of advising technology delivery systems, and coordinates new transfer student advising. Advising provides essential academic information, regardless of major, to assist in understanding JMU’s graduation requirements.

University Programs (568-2852) - provides oversight and support for large academic programs that involve multiple colleges and departments.  These include the General Education Program, Honors Program, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IdLS), Center for Assessment and Research Studies, Pre-Professional Health Advising, Outreach & Engagement, and University Advising.  University Programs also functions as the dean’s office for undeclared students and coordinates some university-wide academic projects, including the honor code test, summer session, and the registration of new first year and transfer students into appropriate first-semester schedules.

University Recreation Center (UREC) (568-8732, - Campus fitness center with a swimming pool, fitness classes, state of the art workout equipment, a climbing wall, and more.

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