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January Symposium

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January Symposium is designed to help faculty progress toward the following outcomes:

  • Discover a place and time for scholarship
  • Develop collaborative networks
  • Enhance scholarly productivity 
  • Advance scholarly skills 
  • Explore and secure funding 
  • Appreciate the diversity of scholarship in higher education

January Symposium

January Symposium aims to foster faculty excellence in scholarship by providing time, tools, strategies, and encouragement to advance agendas and passions for scholarship. Kicking off the spring semester, this multi-day event provides opportunities for faculty engagement and rejuvenation in a life long journey of inquiry. Responsive to diverse interests and needs, a variety of workshops, roundtables, scholarly talks, and lockdowns will be offered each year. Faculty will appreciate multi-modal forms of inquiry, network, build community, learn new skills, share scholarly strategies, increase productivity, and fuel passions for ongoing scholarly engagement.

Click to go to CFI's January Symposium siteWednesday, January 4 - Friday January 6, 2017

Click to see what's offered or to register.