Flashpoints are faculty generated public forums aimed at spotlighting global and local events significant to our human and planetary experience. Inspired by university wide conversations on academic culture, Flashpoints bring faculty, students, and the community together in structured dialogues that highlight how interdisciplinary expertise offers perspective on current events of "glocal" (global + local) impact. Flashpoints will occur intermittently throughout the academic year as significant events arise.

Flashpoints begin with a panel of faculty from different disciplines who explain the issue through the questions raised in their discipline. After each panelist has been given a chance to answer key questions, the forum is opened up to the audience for a question an interactive dialogue. This format allows for audience members to be participants as well as observers.

Propose a Flashpoint

Given the time sensitive nature of Flashpoints, it is important to act quickly. To submit a successful proposal:

  1. Develop a working title and a 5-7 sentence description with a list of relevant sources.

  2. Brainstorm a list of potential faculty panelists

  3. Propose a date.  Flashpoints typically take place on Friday afternoons during the semester.

  4. The CFI will contact the panelists and arrange all logistics and marketing.



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