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Enhancing the academic culture at JMU is core to the mission of the Center for Faculty Innovation. The CFI strives to reflect upon and respond to the changing needs of JMU faculty, the academic culture at JMU, global changes in higher education, and other issues that impact the academy. Faculty teaching in the 21st century must be more innovative in all aspects of their careers, cross boundaries in the emerging collaborative culture, and transcend collegial and managerial cultures to support the needs of the changing student body. Through varied program offerings the CFI is moving in from the margins to engage with the JMU, local, and global academic communities on issues ranging from academic rigor, impact of course evaluations on teaching, effective forms of mid-semester course evaluations, and changing needs of the professoriate. 

All CFI programs, especially programs that support the enhancement of academic culture at JMU, are designed for faculty to make progress toward the following outcomes:
  • Feeling an increased sense of belonging to the JMU community;
  • Enhancing diversity and inclusivity through teaching, scholarship, and career development;
  • Engaging in reflective practices about their faculty roles;
  • Establishing and strengthening relationships with colleagues across disciplines, colleges, and ranks that support teaching, scholarship and/or career plans;
  • Developing holistic, integrated, and satisfying agendas in teaching, scholarship, and career plans that align with the values of academic units and discipline(s).

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