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~ Spring 2017

“It has provided me with the financial support to afford an education that would not otherwise be possible. It has helped me to establish relationships and make connections with people outside of my normal social circle and race. Most importantly, it shown me the importance of giving back, helping the community, and paying it forward to provide opportunities for students like myself to have a brighter future.” 

“It has changed my life and made me realize that I am stronger, smarter and more resilient than I thought I was. CSP has provided me with new little family every year to help me get through these tough college year and has supported me more than I could ever ask for.” 

“Not only am I able to enter the post-grad world debt free, but I also grew a better understanding of other cultures and lives that people live. Through small group and large group, I met people who are inspirational. They've been through so many hard moments in their life, yet they are still pushing through to get their degree. Centennials are very dedicated students and people.”

“CSP has been a family away from home, a place where, despite differences, everyone shares a common goal. CSP has been a source of peace and security and has been the bedrock from which I have been able to develop strong communication skills, a disciplined vision, and a strong sense of responsibility--all while maturing into a man with principles.”

~ Fall 2016

“It has given me a support system, made me become accountable for my personal and academic actions, has helped me to obtain a degree, has helped me to remain financially stable while in school, and has helped me to obtain my future career goal as an educator.” 

~ Spring 2016

"CSP has helped me give back to the community and be an active citizen both on and off campus. I have created great friendships and met wonderful mentors. It has also been beneficial in that I can graduate debt-free and pursue my graduate degree without any hesitation. I am so very happy and grateful to have been a part of CSP."

"CSP has allowed me the opportunity to get the qualifications necessary to pursue my dreams. I met some great people through my small groups as well as some mentors that changed my college experience. Although I was part of other associations and groups, CSP was the one that truly inspired me to give back."

~ Spring 2015

"CSP has offered me cohesive, wholesome, and amazing opportunities to develop myself both academically and personally. I have grown as a leader thanks to the accessibility I had. I joined service-oriented organizations since I didn't have to have a job to pay for my school expenses. I love the Small Group program and the Big/Little programs because those helped me develop interpersonal relationships, work well with others, and be a mentor for a younger CSP student. I am so thankful to JMU, Mrs. Strawbridge, and both President Rose and Alger for allowing me the privilege to be a Centennial Scholars beneficiary."

"They have given me the opportunity to continue my educational career. They helped me focus on my studies without having to stress on my financial situation. I am grateful for this program and all of its values."

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