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The Centennial Scholars Program (CSP) employs many strategies to help support and empower its students so they can succeed at JMU.

Alumni Impact Program (AIP)

The AIP is a mentoring initiative that seeks to empower academic success and foster positive exposure for CSP students. CSP alumni are matched with current CSP students, which provides opportunities for networking, career and academic guidance, and the chance for alumni and current students to connect and establish meaningful relationships.

Family Network

The Family Network is a resource for new and continuing family members to connect and support each other throughout their student’s career at JMU. If you are a family member of a Centennial Scholar this is also a way you are able to give back to the program that has provided support to your family.

CSP Buddy System

The CSP Buddy System is a peer support program. Upperclass CSP students team up with an incoming freshmen and transfer students to advise them on age-specific issues, such as the best classes to take, places to live, and clubs to join, etc.

Study Hall

CSP provides study hall experiences for all incoming incoming freshmen, transfer, and other designated upperclass students outside the realm of other academic support services.  These study halls provide an opportunity for students to work on individual course assignments of their choosing in an appropriate environment led by a CSP graduate mentor.  They are offered on various days, times and at numerous on-campus locations to meet the needs of the undergraduate students.

Community Service

Students in CSP complete 100 community service hours throughout the academic year. Volunteering at JMU and in the greater Harrisonburg area gives students the chance to give back to the community and build character while in the service of others.

Large Group

Large group meetings are held twice a month on campus, and provide a variety of personal and professional development opportunities for students including workshops, guest speakers, and receptions.

Small Group

All CSP students are placed in a small group with approximately 10-13 other Centennials. Small group meetings are held once a week and are led by a Graduate Assistant mentor, and provide additional support for students throughout the semester.