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Financing the cost of higher education is a major barrier that has kept qualified and deserving students from low socio-economic backgrounds from attending college.

To meet this challenge, James Madison University has developed a new program to lower this barrier for qualified under-represented students who would not be able to enroll at a four-year institution for financial reasons.

The Centennial Scholars Program (CSP) was established in March 2004. The program is rooted in JMU's commitment to serving the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia in a fair and equitable manner.

JMU also acknowledges the importance to our nation that minorities and other under-represented segments of the population pursue higher education.

The program provides a financial aid package that covers the full billable cost to attend JMU in the form of grants. These funds cover tuition, fees, room and board for a maximum of four years for freshman, and two years for transfer students and graduate students.


The past few years the Centennial Scholars Program has been recognized for its dedication to college seeking students by providing academic and financial assistance.

Newspapers and magazines have acknowledged that we are helping the future leaders of tommorrow. The Centennial Scholars website will publish these articles to encourage all students who seek assistance in attending James Madison University.

The following links hold copies of previous news on the CSP program and outstanding CSP students. We hope this will help you realize what CSP can do for you.