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In CSP's inaugural year, Centennial Scholars were selected by the Office of Admissions, in collaboration with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. The basic criteria that is used to select the scholars include:

  • Admission to JMU as a freshmen, transfer or first year graduate student
  • Low income background (as determined by FAFSA)
  • Aptitude and interest in program activities
  • Virginia resident

Special Assistant to the President's Office has the authority to override the general eligibility criteria at their discretion.

If you find that you meet these criteria and would like to apply to the Centennial Scholars Program, please navigate to the application page on our website.

Guidelines for Continued Eligibility

Along with the other important issues that we wish for our scholars to complete; we have laid down some definite guidelines that must be abided by to stay in our program. The minimum expectations of students in the program are:

  • Commitment to hard work in pursuit of academic excellence
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Actively engage in your chosen discipline
  • Attend a minimum of one cultural event each semester
  • Perform community service
    (monitored by graduate student)
  • Attend weekly meetings and workshops
  • Participate in campus activities i.e. step out of their confines of classroom