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Creative Writing

The cross disciplinary minor in creative writing is designed to encourage students to develop their writing talents across a number of literary forms and communication contexts.

Course offerings in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, scriptwriting, screen and playwriting give students the opportunity to shape the minor to suit a variety of artistic interests and professional objectives. With the choice of at least one course from a group involving advanced topics, narrative and poetic forms, media criticism and film analysis, students will gain informed perspectives on current issues affecting readers, viewers, writers and their creative works. These courses support the core workshop courses and are vital to competence in the field.

The minimum requirement for a minor in creative writing is 18 hours. Two courses may be double-counted between the minor and the major. Students electing this minor may acquire more information from the creative writing adviser of the Department of English, the School of Media Arts and Design or the School of Theatre and Dance.

Required Courses                                                                    

Credit Hours

Select four or five core courses from two or more departments:


ENG 391. Introduction to Creative Writing – Nonfiction


ENG 392. Introduction to Creative Writing – Poetry


ENG 393. Introduction to Creative Writing – Fiction


ENG 493. Advanced Creative Nonfiction


ENG 494. Advanced Poetry Writing


ENG 495. Advanced Fiction Writing


SMAD 250. Scriptwriting


SMAD 251. Screenplay Writing


SMAD 311. Feature Writing


SMAD 340. Advanced Screenplay Writing


SMAD 498. Senior Seminar (when topic is appropriate) 1


THEA 347. Playwriting (cross listed with ENG 347)


THEA 441. Seminar in Theatre (when topic is appropriate) 1


THEA 447. Advanced Playwriting


Select one or two support courses from the following:


ENG 390. The Environmental Imagination


ENG 483. Narrative Form


ENG 484. Poetic Craft and Creativity


ENG 496. Advanced Topics in Creative Writing


SMAD 373. Media Analysis and Criticism


SMAD 463. Film Adaptations


THEA 481. Theory and Performance Studies




1 Students must check with the professor or creative writing coordinator to see if these courses are appropriate for this minor.