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Women's and Gender Studies

The women’s and gender studies minor is an 18 credit hour cross disciplinary program that explores the scholarship related to gender and equity issues affecting women. This minor includes one required course, WMST 200. The remainder of the program incorporates many academic fields.

Required Course

Credit Hours

WMST 200. Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies


Choose five of the following:


ANTH 370. Topics in the Anthropology of Gender


ENG 327. The Gothic


ENG/WMST 368. Women's Literature


ENG 369. Feminist Literary Theory


ENG/WMST 370. Queer Literature


ENG/WMST 466. Studies in Women's Literature


HIST 320. Women in United States History


HIST 321. European Women's History


HIST 327. Technology in America 1


HIST 448. Gender in Colonial Latin America


HIST 449. Women and Fascism


HIST 466. The Family, 1400-1800


ISAT/WMST 485. Gender Issues in Science


JUST/WMST 341. Gender and Justice


PHIL/WMST 350. The Philosophy of Feminism


PSYC 310. The Psychology of Women and Gender


REL 306. Women and Gender in Islam


REL 315. Women and Religion


SCOM/WMST 348. Communication and Gender


SOCI 336. Race and Ethnicity 1


SOCI 337.' Sociology of Gender


SCOM/WRTC/WMST 420. Feminist Rhetorics


WMST 300. Special Topics in Women's Studies


WMST 325. Gender and Violence


WMST 400. Issues and Research in Women's Studies


WMST 490. Independent Studies in Women's Studies


WMST 492. Internship in Women's Studies


WMST 495. Special Topics in Women's Studies




1 If research project addresses issue of gender.