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Sport Communication

This minor consists of course work offered in communication studies, media arts and design, and kinesiology for students with an interest in sports media and communication.

Due to enrollment limitation in certain required courses, admission to JMU does not guarantee admission to the sport communication minor. All students interested in minoring in this program must apply for a limited number of spaces while first completing KIN 242 and SCOM 260. The School of Communication Studies reviews applications for admission to the sport communication minor. Students should complete the application (available from the school website) and submit it by email to Students will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their application, which should be kept. Applications are due by November 15 (fall semester) and April 15 (spring semester). Students who have applied by these deadlines will be notified of the admission decision at the end of the semester in which they complete KIN 242 and SCOM 260. Admission is granted to the most qualified students as determined by their performance in these courses.

Students who are not admitted may file one more additional application in the next regular semester. Students reapplying must apply in two consecutive semesters of enrollment at the university. If a student reapplies after retaking KIN 242 and/or SCOM 260 (whether repeat or repeat/forgive), the school will look only at their highest grades earned when evaluating their second application.

Because of the way the curriculum is sequenced, it typically takes four consecutive semesters to complete the sport communication minor. Rising seniors typically cannot complete the minor by graduation. Some required courses are offered only one semester a year.

Once admitted to the minor, a student cannot retroactively apply more than nine hours of SCOM courses, including SCOM 260, to this minor.

This minor is open to any student at the university including SCOM majors, however, SCOM majors are limited to double counting no more than six credits to both their major and minor.

Refer to the School of Communication Studies website for complete information.