Criminal Justice


The cross disciplinary minor in criminal justice is designed for students who are preparing for careers in law enforcement, corrections, judicial administration or other areas related to the study or management of crime, either directly upon graduation or after further graduate training. The requirement for a minor in criminal justice is 21 credits.


Required Courses Credit Hours
CRJU 215. Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 225. Ethics in Criminal Justice 3
Choose at least one course from each of the following units:  
Human Behavior 3
SOCI 214. Social Deviance  
SOCI 327. Juvenile Delinquency  
SOCI/CRJU 325. Criminology  

PSYC 250. Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (Non PSYC majors only) or

PSYC 335. Abnormal Psychology (PSYC majors)

PSYC/JUST 316. Human Development and Crime  
Law and Procedure 3
CRJU 321. Criminalistics  
JUST 327. Criminal Law  
CRJU 328. Criminal Procedure  
CRJU 329. Criminal Investigation and Evidence  
Institutions 3
JUST 330. Corrections  
CRJU 335. Law Enforcement  
CRJU 337. Courts and the Judiciary  
CRJU 340. Administration in Criminal Justice  
Choose two additional courses from those listed above or from the following: 6
CRJU 301. Special Topics in Criminal Justice  
CRJU 401. Internship in Criminal Justice