Chronic Illness


The cross disciplinary minor in chronic illness prepares students from any major to understand and respond to the impacts of chronic illness on the individual, family, health care system and society. Knowledge and strategies to address the prevention and the management of chronic illness across its trajectory will enhance the skills and abilities of students who plan to practice in any profession. The minor is open to all undergraduate students at JMU. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credits with no more than 6 credits in the student's major counting toward the minor.


Core Requirements Credit Hours
NSG 390. Impact of Chronic Illness 3
NSG 391. Living Successfully with Chronic Illness 3
Additional Courses (Select 12 credits from the following. Students  
completing the nursing major should select six credits):  
EXED 306. Lifespan Issues for Individuals with Disabilities 3
GERN/SOCI 280. Social Gerontology 3
GERN 305. Programs and Services for the Elderly 3
NSG 310. Helping Persons in Pain 2
NSG 311. End of Life Care 1
NSG 313. Issues and Applications of Family Caregiving 1-2
NSG 320. Innovative Diabetes Health Education 1
NSG 321. Introduction to Client Education 2
NSG 322. Integrative Health Care 1
NSG 490. Special Topics 1-2
PSYC 304. Death and Dying: Thanatology 3
SOWK 332. Community Mental Health Practice 3
SOWK 442. Social Work in Health Care 3
HHS 490. Exploring Universality and Diversity in Promoting Health 4
(Study Abroad in Costa Rica)  


Special topic courses or other courses with a strong correlation to chronic illness not listed may be applied to the minor with the approval of the minor coordinator.