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Foreign Language Education


Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures


FLED 470. Methods of Modern Foreign Language Teaching.

3 credits.
Research findings about language teaching will be used to identify the most effective instructional strategies for teaching languages to students in grades preK-12. Emphasis will be on developing plans for employing the strategies and making appropriate instructional decisions based on instructional goals, the learner, and available resources. Corequisite: FLED 471. Prerequisites: Full admission to teacher education program; GPSYC 160, EDUC 360 and TESL 426.


FLED 471. Modern Foreign Language Field Experience.

3 credits.
Provides practical classroom experience in elementary, middle and high school settings to middle and secondary foreign language students under the supervision of an in-service teacher and a clinical professor. Students engage in classroom activities that provide an opportunity for them to practice the strategies and concepts learned in the methods courses. Corequisite: FLED 470.


FLED 475. Supervised Student Teaching Experience.

3 credits.

Participants will experience the full range of conditions and tasks expected of a teacher for students in grades 6-12. They will be expected to develop and demonstrate competencies in teaching with the supervision and support of experienced teachers. Students must register for two eight-week blocks during the same semester for a total of eight credits. Students will receive a grade of "C" for satisfactory performance or "NC" for unsatisfactory performance. Prerequisite: All required courses for licensure and approval for student teaching through the teacher education program.