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Foreign Language


Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures


FL 267. The Literature of Opera in Translation.

3 credits.
A survey of the literature of opera from the 17th century to the present. All lectures and readings are in English.


FL 309.** Civilization: Travel-Study.

1-3 credits.
A directed program of travel-study designed to augment a student's knowledge of a particular civilization. Arrangements must be made with the faculty member designated by department head. Permission of the department head is required prior to enrollment in the program.


FL 446.** Special Topics in Foreign Literature.

3 credits.
Study of a particular topic in literature. May be taught in English or in the language but cannot be counted for major, minor or licensure unless taught in the language. Course may be repeated if content varies. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.


FL 447. Special Topics in Civilization and Culture.

3 credits.
Students will study a particular topic in the civilization and/or culture of a specific country in the world. Course may be repeated. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.


FL 470. Methods of Modern Foreign Language Teaching.

3 credits.
Research findings about language teaching will be used to identify the most effective instructional strategies for teaching languages to students in grades pre K-12. Emphasis will be on developing plans for employing the strategies and making appropriate instructional decisions based on instructional goals, the learner, and available resources. Prerequisites: Full admission to Teacher Education program; GPSYC 160, EDUC 360 and TESL 426. Corequisite: FL 471.


FL 471. Modern Foreign Language Field Experience.

3 credits.
Provides practical classroom experience in elementary, middle and high school settings to middle and secondary foreign language students under the supervision of an in-service teacher and a clinical professor. Students engage in classroom activities that provide an opportunity for them to practice the strategies and concepts learned in the methods courses. Corequisite: FL 470.


FL 475. Supervised Student Teaching Experience.

3 credits.
Participants will experience the full range of conditions and tasks expected of a teacher for students in grades 6-12. They will be expected to develop and demonstrate competencies in teaching with the supervision and support of experienced teachers. Students must register for two eight-week blocks during the same semester for a total of eight credits. Students will receive a grade of "‘S" for satisfactory performance or "U" for unsatisfactory performance. Prerequisite: All required courses for licensure and approval for student teaching through the Teacher Education program.


FL 490.** Special Studies in Foreign Languages.

1-4 credits each semester.
Allows superior students an opportunity to complete independent studies under faculty supervision. Work may be done in all languages offered in the department but may not replace course offerings. Prerequisite: Permission of the department head.


FL 499. Honors.

6 credits.

**These courses are taught in the various languages offered by the department. The title of the course will designate the specific language studied.