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Africana Studies


Cross Disciplinary Studies


GAFST 200. Introduction to Africana Studies.
3 credits.
An introductory survey of basic theoretical concepts to analyze the Black experience, with special focus on the general historical process common to Africa and the African Diaspora.


AFST 400. Selected Topics in Africana Studies.
3 credits.
Selected topics are studied in depth. Course may be repeated when content changes.


ARTH/AFST 488. African-American Art.
3 credits.
This course examines visual arts produced by people of African descent in the United States from the colonial period until the present. Course themes include debates about the relationship between racial identity and artistic production; the complex interchange between African-American art and the cultural traditions of Africa and Europe; black artists' engagement with popular representations of African-Americans; and the intersection of race with class, gender, and sexuality. Prerequisite: GARTH 206, GAFST 200 or permission of the instructor.


AFST 489. Africana Studies Senior Research Experience.
1 credit.
In this research-oriented experience, students design and complete research projects relevant to their interests in Africana Studies, as well as connect their projects to previous course work and experiences within the Africana Studies minor. Prerequisites: GAFST 200, senior standing and permission of instructor.