Education Programs at James Madison University

The College of Education does not offer majors. Individuals interested in pursuing a teacher license major in a discipline and complete a teaching area pre-professional program at the undergraduate level. The teacher licensure program is completed during the fifth year Master of Arts in Teaching program. Individuals wishing to become licensed teachers in inclusive early childhood, elementary, special or middle education major in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IDLS) and complete a pre-professional licensure program specific to the teaching license pursued at the undergraduate level.

Inclusive Early Childhood Education Master's Level Licensure Program
Birth – Age Five

Elementary Education
PreKindergarten through Sixth Grade Master's Level Licensure Program

Middle Education
Grades Six through Eight Master's Level Licensure Program

Secondary Education
Grades Six through Twelve Master's Level Licensure Program

Exceptional Education
Early Childhood Special Education
Special Education – Kindergarten through Twelve
Gifted Education
Teaching English as a Second Language
Special Education Non-teaching minor

Teacher Education Pre-professional Licensure Programs
Students interested in teacher licensure will major in an academic field and complete all of the requirements for the teacher education program. Depending on the field of study, initial licensure is earned at the bachelor's or master's level. The following chart describes the licensure areas, degree required, major field of study and academic unit.

Licensure Area Degree Required Major Field
of Study
Academic Unit
Art Education Bachelor's Art School of Art and Art History
Dance Education Bachelor's Dance School of Theatre and Dance
Music Education Bachelor's Music School of Music
Physical/Health Education Master's Kinesiology Department of Kinesiology
Inclusive Early Childhood Master's IDLS with educ. Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Education   pre-professional Department of Early, Elementary
Birth-Age 8   licensure program and Reading Education and
      Department of Exceptional Education
Elementary Education Master's IDLS with educ. Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
PreK-6   pre-professional Department of Early, Elementary
    licensure program and Reading Education
Middle Level Education Master's IDLS with educ. Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
6-8   pre-professional Department of Middle, Secondary
    licensure program and Mathematics Education
Secondary Education Master's Content major 1 Department of Middle, Secondary
6-12   with education and Mathematics Education
    licensure program  
Special Education 2 Master's IDLS with educ. Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
K-12   pre-professional Department of Exceptional Education
    licensure program  
Foreign Language Master's Modern Foreign Departments of Middle, Secondary
PreK-12 2   Languages and Mathematics Education
    with and Foreign Languages, Literature
    pre-professional and Culture
    licensure program  
Theatre Education Bachelor's IDLS with School of Education
PreK-12   pre-professional  
Theatre and Dance   licensure program  
Teaching English Master's See program Department of Exceptional Education;
to Speakers of Other   adviser for Department of Learning Technology
Languages – TESL (ESL)   options. and Leadership Education

1 Available majors are biology, chemistry, Earth science, English, history or political science, mathematics, or physics.
2 IDLS is the recommended major.

Add-on Endorsements
Endorsements are available in the following areas. Contact the College of Education for more information.





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