Substance Abuse Prevention

This cross disciplinary substance abuse prevention minor provides the student with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to assist communities in designing science-based prevention programs to encourage healthy attitudes and behaviors towards alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Course work in this minor will help prepare the student for the Certified Prevention Professionals – ATOD exam which they can take after one year of prevention-related paid work experience and additional prevention-specific training.

Required Courses Credit Hours
One of the following (Foundational Knowledge): 3
HTH 230. Community Health  
GPSYC 160. Life Span Human Development  
FAM/GERN/NPS/SOWK 375. Grant Writing for Agencies  
HHS 415. Ethical Decision-Making in Healthcare: An Interprofessional  
One of the following (Education and Skill Development): 3
HTH 451. Health Behavior Change  
PSYC 308. Health Psychology  
One of the following (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug-specific): 3
HTH 378. The Use and Effects of Drugs  
PSYC 285. Drugs and Behavior  
One of the following (Public Policy-specific): 3
PPA 359. Policy Analysis  
PPA 462. Social Welfare and Local Policy  
SOWK 335. Social Policy (SOWK majors only)  
One of the following (Population-specific): 3
PSYC 250. Introduction to Abnormal Psychology  
PSYC 335. Abnormal Psychology  
SOWK 386. Youth Empowerment Strategies  
SOWK 387. Working with Teenagers  
Required Capstone Course 3
HTH 458. Program Planning and Evaluation  
HTH 389. Practicum/Internship (Optional) 1-3




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