Human Science

Human Science is an cross disciplinary minor focused at the intersection of anthropology, psychology and biology. The minor provides students with a set of courses that promotes the scientific understanding of our species, Homo sapiens, as a complex biological and social organism. The human science seminar encourages students to think synthetically across the natural and social sciences, particularly with regard to the complex problems of the 21st century.

This minor is appropriate for students whose careers would be enhanced by a program that focuses on a multidisciplinary view of human nature. Such careers include the health-oriented professions, law, government, public policy and academic study in the humanities, and social and life sciences.

Required Courses Credit Hours
GANTH 196. Biological Anthropology 3
ANTH 315. Human Evolution 3
ANTH 316. Evolution of Human Behavior 3
BIO 290. Human Anatomy 4
GPSYC 101. General Psychology 3
GPSYC 160. Human Life Span Development 3
HSC 400. Human Science Seminar 1
Note: HSC 400 may only be taken after all other minor courses are completed.  




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