Cross Disciplinary Studies

The following list consists of cross disciplinary studies programs offered at JMU:

Africana Studies
American Studies
Asian Studies
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
British Communication and Media
Chronic Illness
Classical Studies
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
Environmental Information Systems
Environmental Management
Environmental Programs 1
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
Family Studies
Film Studies
Historical Archaeology
Human Science
Humanitarian Affairs
Interdisciplinary Social Science
Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations
Modern European Studies
Nonprofit Studies
Political Communication
Russian Studies
Science, Technology and Society
Substance Abuse Prevention
Urban and Regional Studies
Women's and Gender Studies
World Literature

1 Environmental study is embedded in a variety of disciplines at JMU. Students have the opportunity to study environmental issues by majoring in an environmental program or choosing a minor that complements any major.




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