World Literature

The undergraduate minor in world literature provides students with a chance to study literature from the following areas:

By offering a broad yet substantial introduction to literatures produced beyond their traditional Western experience, the minor provides students with a bridge to new cultures and languages. Through a careful examination of literary traditions produced by others, students will be encouraged to develop a clear understanding of the relationship between culture and literature as well as the capacity to think outside the parameters of their own cultural background.

Courses that contribute to this minor address both the cultural contexts from which given works emerge and to which they respond, as well as the actual formal literary qualities of the works. By exploring various literary traditions, students will better understand how literature both reflects and interrogates culture. Students interested in the shape of tomorrow's world will benefit from this exposure to a global perspective on human cultures. This is also good foundation for students aiming to study, especially comparative literature, at the graduate level.

The program is sponsored jointly by the Department of English and the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures. World literature courses offered by the English department study different non-English language-literatures. No prior foreign language training is assumed or required.

The minimum requirement for a minor in World Literature is 21 credits with a least 9 credit hours drawn from each department.

All texts and instruction for courses from the Department of English and for 200-level and 400-level courses from the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures are in English. All other courses offered by the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures are taught in the target language, allowing students to study literature in the original language.

When designing their plan of study, students should note that the gateway course and one 200-level course in foreign languages and literatures can count toward general education or major requirements, but no other courses in the minor program can. Students must take course work from the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures component in two or more language-literatures (e.g., French and Spanish or German and Russian). The program coordinator and the head of each of the sponsoring departments will have a list of world literature courses at the time of registration. Students should consult the program coordinator about new courses and appropriateness of topics of special studies/special topics courses. Some of these courses may include several sections per term (e.g., GHUM 200. Great Works) and only those sections indicated in the schedule of classes will satisfy the world literature requirement.

Required Courses Credit Hours
GENG 239. Studies in World Literature  
Language Requirement: Intermediate level of a language other than mother tongue  
Choose courses out of at least three of the following areas:  
Students should consult the coordinator for a list of courses available  
in each area.  
Latin America  
Middle East  
Central Asia  
East Asia  
South Asia  
Special Interest Area (European Literature, African American Literature,  
Native American Literature, Caribbean Literature) 1  


1 Students should consult the coordinator for a list of courses available in each area.




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