Russian Studies

This minor offers students a broad, cross disciplinary perspective on Russian culture, history, political institutions, economy and geography. This program deepens the students' understanding and knowledge of the Russian and non-Russian peoples of the former Soviet Union, and prepares them for careers in teaching, government and international business.

The Russian Studies minor requires 18 credits. Students should take courses in at least three different disciplines from the following list:

Courses Credit Hours
ECON 301. Economies in Transition  
GEOG 333. Russian and the Former USSR  
HIST 385. Russia to 1855  
HIST 386. Russia Since 1855  
HIST 475. Modern Russia  
POSC 337. Russia and Post-Soviet Politics  
RUS 266/GHUM 200. Russian Literature in Translation/Great Works  
RUS 300. Russian Grammar and Communication  
RUS 308. Introduction to Russian Civilization  
RUS 315. Russian Phonetics  
RUS 320. Russian Oral and Written Communication  
RUS 400. Advanced Russion Conversation  
RUS 405. Russian Literature of the 19th Century  
RUS 406. Russian Literature of the 20th Century  
RUS 438. Studies in Russian Literature  
Students may include one course from the following list:  
ECON 490. Special Studies in Economics  
FL 490. Special Studies in Foreign Languages (Russian)  
GEOG 490. Senior Project II  
HIST 399. Special Studies in History  
POSC 490. Senior Tutorial in Political Science  


With the approval of a program coordinator, six to eight hours of Russian language may be included. Students may also earn credit by studying in a program in Russia or any of the former Soviet states.




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