Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations

This minor concentrates on social and political issues involving Muslim, Christian and Jewish populations in their own right and in relation to one another in the territory between the Nile and Indus rivers during the modern period. The program is also designed to accommodate consideration of other communities including Hindu and other South Asians, Anatolian and Central Asian Turks, and Mediterranean peoples in the larger area stretching from North Africa to Southeast Asia as well as Middle Eastern diaspora communities in Europe and the Americas from the ancient period to the present.

The cross disciplinary orientation of the program emphasizes comparison and a synthesis of local, regional, trans-national and global perspectives. The program provides an intellectual foundation that can be usefully applied and built upon in graduate school, the private sector or government service.

Students are required to take 18 credits comprised of six credits of core course work and 12 credits of electives structured as follows.

Core Courses Credit Hours
Students must take two of the following three courses to fulfill the six-credit core course work required for the minor:  
GHUM 252. Islamic Civilization 8 3
HIST 269. The Pre-Modern Middle East 2 3
HIST 270. The Modern Middle East 3 3
Choose any of the following courses to fulfill the remaining 12 credits.  
Regular Offerings  
Department of Foreign Languages, Literature and Culture 1  
ARAB 101. First Semester Arabic 2 4
ARAB 102. Second Semester Arabic 3 4
ARAB 111-112. Intensive Arabic 4 6
ARAB 211-212. Intensive Arabic 4 6
ARAB 231. Third Semester Arabic 2 4
ARAB 232. Fourth Semester Arabic 3 4
FL 490. Special Studies in Foreign Languages 8  
PERS 101. First Semester Persian 2 4
PERS 102. Second Semester Persian 3 4
PERS 231. Third Semester Persian 2 4
PERS 232. Fourth Semester Persian 3 4
School of Art, Design and Art History  
ARTH 410. African Art: The Sahara Northern Sahel 5 3
Department of Anthropology and Sociology  
SOCI 342. Muslim Movements in the Middle East 3
Department of History  
HIST 269. The Pre-Modern Middle East 6 3
HIST 270. Modern Middle East 6 3
HIST 372. Afghanistan in Regional and Global Systems 7 3
HIST 473. The Islamic World 7 3
HIST 485. Colonialism in the Greater Middle East 7 3
Department of Philosophy and Religion  
REL 201. Introduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 5 3
REL 202. Introduction to the New Testament 5 3
REL 305. Islamic Religious Tradition 6 3
REL 320. Judaism 6 3
REL 350. Islamic Law 7 3
HEBR/REL 131-132. Elementary Biblical Hebrew 7 4
HEBR/REL 231-232. Intermediate Biblical Hebrew 7 4


1 No more than 9 credits of Foreign Language course work can be used toward minor requirements.
2 Offered every fall semester.
3 Offered every spring semester.
4 Offered May-June summer term only.
5 Offered every third semester.
6 Offered fall or spring semester.
7 Offered every two years.
8 Offered every fall and spring.

Additional Courses
The following three-credit courses are offered at varying intervals and can count toward the MECM minor if they are structured to include substantial content relating to the foci and goals of the program. Contact the program coordinator to apply one of these courses to the MECM minor.

Department of Anthropology and Sociology  
ANTH 313. Processes of Social and Cultural Change 3
ANTH 373. Anthropological Perspectives on Environment and Development 3
SOCI 311. Sociology of the Environment 3
SOCI 321. Politics and Society 3
SOCI 348. Introduction to Developing Societies 3
SOCI 360. Social Movements 3
School of Art, Design and Art History  
ARTH 419. Topics in African Art 3
Department of English  
ENG 430. Studies in Comparative Literature 3
Department of Foreign Language, Literatures and Cultures  
ARAB 330. Business Arabic 3
ARAB 340. Intermediate Arabic Conversation 3
ARAB 400. Arabic Advanced Conversation 3
ARAB 446. Special Topics in Arabic Literature (Islamic World 600-1500) 3
ARAB 447. Special Topics in Arabic Civilization and Culture 3
ARAB 448. Special Topics in Arabic Linguistics: Advanced Arabic Grammar 3
FL 490. Special Studies in Foreign Language 8
Department of Political Science  
POSC 340. Political Development in the Third World 3
POSC 361. Topics in International Relations 3
POSC 371. Topics in Comparative Politics 3
POSC 435. Seminar in International Terrorism 3
Department of Philosophy and Religion  
REL 300. Selected Topics in Religion 3

Additional Information
The College of Arts and Letters departments offer a number of courses listed generically, usually at the 300- and 400-level (including disciplinary capstone and methodology courses, often numbered 395) that can also count toward the MECM minor under certain circumstances.




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