Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs is a concrete manifestation of James Madison University's commitment to meet both the educational requirements of its students in a changing world and its own need to respond to the "real world" challenges faced by society today. By supporting scholarship in the social sciences and humanities and providing an environment that will encourages cross disciplinary discourse on some of today's vital global and national concerns, the Institute contributes to the advancement and diffusion of knowledge that the JMU's namesake held constituted "the only guardian of true liberty."

Core Values

The Institute seeks to foster engagement and discussion by faculty, students, and members of the community of the major issues affecting American interests broadly defined, including:

The Institute's interests focus on global challenges that impact the overall strategic position of the United States and other responsible members of the international community, with programming focused especially on:

The Institute draws upon and fosters the resources of the academic community – including the educational vocation of the university and the research of its faculty – to offer enhancement opportunities to JMU faculty and students as well as initiatives aimed at policymakers, other scholars, and the public at large through a variety of programs, including:




Horizontal Rule