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Program Coordinator
Dr. John Scherpereel

Phone: (540) 568-3933


Modern European Studies

The minor in modern European studies provides a cross disciplinary understanding of social dynamics in Europe from the Enlightenment (18th century) through the present. All minors must attain proficiency in French, German, Italian, Spanish or another European Union language at or above the intermediate level (FL 232 or above).

Students must complete 18 credit hours in addition to the language requirement. These 18 credit hours must include 6 core credits and 12 elective credits. Six elective credits must cover culture and thought, and six elective credits must cover history and society. The minor's 18 credits must be distributed across at least three disciplines and must include at least one history course.

Core Courses
Credit Hours
Choose two from the following:
     HIST 202. Europe Since 1815
     HIST 382. Europe in the 20th Century
     POSC 344. Politics of the European Union
     POSC 345. Politics of Western Europe
     POSC 346. Politics of Central and Eastern Europe
Culture and Thought Electives (choose two from the following):
     ARTH 313. Masterpieces of Italian Renaissance Art
     ARTH 314. Masterpieces of Spanish Art
     ARTH 315. Masterpieces of British Architecture
     ARTH 316 or ARTH 316L. Masterpieces in British Art
     ARTH 317. Masterpieces in French Art
     ARTH 460. Nineteenth Century Art
     ARTH 466. Art and Nationalism 1
     ARTH 469. Topics in Nineteenth Century Art
     ARTH 470. Modern Art from 1900-1945
     ARTH 472. Modern Art Since 1945
     ENG 325. Romantic Poetry
     ENG 326. Romantic Era Prose
     ENG 327. The Gothic: Change and Continuity
     ENG 329. Victorian Literature
     ENG 330. The 19th-Century English Novel
     ENG 340. Modern British Novel
     ENG 341. Contemporary British Novel
     ENG 374. Introduction to Anglo-Irish Literature
     ENG 375. Studies in Anglo-Irish Literature
     ENG 412L/THEA 449L/GHUM 200L. The London Theatre (London only)
     FR 308. Contemporary French Civilization
     FR 405. Nineteenth-Century French Literature
     FR 425. 20th Century French Literature
     FR 446. Special Topics in Linguistics, Literature, or Civilization 2
     FR 465. French Cinema, 1930-1980
     FR 466. Contemporary French Cinema
     GER 266. Contemporary German Literature in Translation
     GER 307. History of German Civilization
     GER 308. Contemporary German Civilization
     GER 405. The Age of German Classicism
     GER 426. Modern German Literature
     GER 465. German Cinema
     ITAL/HIST 308.Contemporary Italian Civilization
     ITAL 465 or ITAL 465F. Italian Cinema (1930-1980)
     ITAL 425 or ITAL 380F. Modern Italian Literature (Harrisonburg)
          or 19th-Century Italian Novel (Florence only)
     ITAL 446. Special Topics in Linguistics, Literature or Civilization 2
     ITAL 490F/POSC 371F. European Culture and Identity
     ITAL 490F. Wine and Culture in Italy
     PHIL 344. Existentialism
     PHIL 375. Nineteenth-Century Philosophy and Theology
     PHIL 390. Special Topics in Philosophy 2
     PHIL 465. Topics in Modern Philosophy 2
     PHIL 468. Phenomenology
     PHIL 470. Topics in Contemporary Continental Philosophy
     PHIL 475. Philosophy Seminar 2
     POSC 316. Contemporary Political Theory
     POSC 321. Political Theory and Ideology
     REL/PHIL 375. The 19th Century: Age of Ideology
     SMAD 463L. Film Adaptations
     SPAN 307. Spanish Civilization
     SPAN 335 or SPAN 355S. Introduction to Spanish Literature
     SPAN 390. Spanish Poetry of the 20th Century
     SPAN 405. Spanish Novels of the 19th and 20th Centuries
     SPAN 406. Spanish Drama of the 19th and 20th Centuries
     SPAN 460. Postwar Literature in Spain
     SPAN 465 or SPAN 465S. Spanish Cinema and Literature
History and Society Electives (choose two from the following):
     ECON 373F. Economics of European Integration
     GEOG 332. Geography of Europe
     IBUS 298S. Special Topics in International Business (Salamanca only)
     HIST 202. Europe Since 1815
     HIST 301. European Military History
     HIST 308. Contemporary Italian Civilization
     HIST 321. European Women's History
     HIST 341. Selected Themes in World History 2
     HIST 382. Europe in the 20th Century 3
     HIST 384. England and the Empire-Commonwealth
     HIST 388. Germany Since 1871
     HIST 390. France Since 1789
     HIST 462. The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany, 1918-1945
     HIST 465. Twentieth-Century Britain
     HIST 478. Eastern Europe
     HIST 484. 19th-Century European Civilization, 1815-1914
     HIST 486. Europe Since 1914
     HIST 487. World War II
     HIST 488. The Holocaust in Global Context
     HIST 489. Selected Topics in World History 2
     SMAD 360L/SCOM 360L/WRTC 360L. British Media and Society
     POSC/JUST 332F. Human Rights in European Perspective
     POSC 344 or POSC 344F. Politics of the European Union 3
     POSC 345. Politics of Western Europe 3
     POSC 346. Politics of Central and Eastern Europe 3
     POSC 371. Topics in Comparative Politics 3
     POSC 371S. Comparative Politics: Spain/US
     POSC 472L/SCOM 472L/SMAD 472L. Media and Politics (London only)


1 This course is taught every other fall on campus and is occasionally offered as part of JMU's short-term study abroad summer program in Berlin.
2 This course may only be used in the minor when its topic is relevant to the minor. Questions should be directed to the minor coordinator.
3 This course may not be double-counted toward the minor.