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Program Coordinator
Dr. Kristen McCleary
Phone: (540) 568-6142


Latin American and Caribbean Studies

This cross disciplinary minor helps students to acquire a deeper understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean. All Latin American and Caribbean Studies minors must attain proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese or French at or above the intermediate level (SPAN/PORT/FR 232 or equivalent). In addition to the language requirement, the Latin American and Caribbean studies minor consists of 18 approved credit hours. Across those 18 credits, students must select courses in at least three different disciplines. Participants in the minor are encouraged to explore the possibility of studying in a Latin American or Caribbean country for a semester or summer session. See the Web site for changes in required courses.

Credit Hours
Complete two courses from among the following:
     ANTH 265. Peoples and Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean
     GEOG 337. Geography of Latin America
     GHUM 252. Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Latin American Cultures 1
     POSC 350. Latin American Politics
     SPAN 308. Latin American Civilization
Complete four additional courses from among the following:
     ANTH 265. Peoples and Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean
     ANTH 325. Aztec, Maya and Their Predecessors
     ANTH 364. U.S./Latin American Borders
     ANTH 391. Study Abroad 2
     ANTH 395. Special Topics in Anthropology 2
     ANTH/HIST 436. Afro-Latin America
     ANTH 490. Special Studies in Anthropology 2
     ARTH 484. Art of the Americas
     ECON 270. International Economics
     ECON 312. Comparative Economic Systems
     ECON 365. Economic Development
     ECON 372. International Finance and Payments
     ECON 490. Special Studies in Economics 2
     ENG 434. Latin American Literature in Translation
     ENG 439. Major Authors of Literature in Spanish in Translation
     GEOG 337. Geography of Latin America
     GEOG 490. Senior Project II 2
     GHUM 252. Cross Cultural Perspectives: Latin American Cultures
     HIST 341. Selected Themes in World History 2
     HIST 391. Travel Studies Seminar 2
     HIST 395. History Seminar 2
     HIST 399. Special Studies in History 2
     HIST 444. Revolution and Social Change in Latin America
     HIST 445. Latin America and the United States
     HIST 446. Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
     HIST 447. South America
     HIST 448. Gender in Colonial Latin America
     HIST 489. Selected Topics in World History 2
     POSC 350. Latin American Politics
     POSC 371. Topics in Comparative Politics 2
     POSC 397. The Politics of International Economic Relations
     REL 380. Contemporary Theologies
     REL 450. Religion and Society
     SOCI 391. Study Abroad 2
     SOCI 490. Special Studies in Sociology 2
     SPAN 300. Spanish Grammar and Communication
     SPAN 308. Latin American Civilization
     SPAN 320. Spanish Oral and Written Communication
     SPAN 330. Business Spanish
     SPAN 385. Latin American Drama and Short Stories
     SPAN 395. Latin American Poetry of the 20th Century
     SPAN 408. Aspects of Latin American Civilization
     SPAN 415. The Spanish-American Novel
     SPAN 446. Special Topics in Literature 2
     SPAN 465. Cinema and Literature


1 GHUM 252 is typically offered in several sections each semester; many of these sections do not focus on Latin America. Students must take the version focused on Latin America for GHUM 252 to count as part of the Latin American studies minor. GHUM 252 counts as a history course unless taught by faculty from another discipline.
2 This is a special topics or special studies course. It may count for the minor, but only if it deals with Latin America or the Caribbean. Contact the coordinator for approval.