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Program Coordinator
Dr. Steve Keffer
Phone: (540) 568-5659


Human Science

The Human Science minor is a multidisciplinary program that brings together elements of biology, anthropology and psychology to understand our species, Homo sapiens, as a complex biological and social organism. Goals for the students in this minor are twofold:

  1. Through a set of basic core courses in the three disciplines students will gain a multidisciplinary, scientific understanding of human beings; and
  2. Students will then pursue their own interests in human science through elective courses in three disciplines.

This minor is appropriate for students whose career goals would be enhanced by a program that focuses on the scientific, multidisciplinary study of humans. Such careers include the health-oriented professions, law, government, public policy and academic study in the humanities, and social and life sciences.

Furthermore, graduates of the human science minor will be taught to think synthetically across the natural and social sciences, and thus will be better prepared to grapple with the complex problems of the 21st century. They will be well situated to take advantage of the rapidly developing and diverse career opportunities of the coming years and decades.

Required Courses

Credit Hours
GANTH 196. Biological Anthropology
GPSYC 101. General Psychology
BIO 270. Human Physiology
     or BIO 370. Animal Physiology
BIO 290. Human Anatomy
HSC 400. Human Science Seminar


Note: HSC 400 may only be taken after all other minor courses, including electives, are completed.

Students must select 9 credit hours from the following electives; one must be taken from each of the following groups

Credit Hours
     ANTH 300. Anthropology of Diet and Nutrition
     ANTH 315. Human Evolution
     ANTH 322. Human Variation and Adaptation
     ANTH 352/SOCI 352. Birth, Death, Sex: Exploring Demography
     ANTH 360. Medical Anthropology
     ANTH 362. Evolution of the Human Brain
     ANTH 395. Special Topics in Anthropology 1
     ANTH 420. Evolution of Human Behavior
     BIO 280. Allied Health Microbiology
          or BIO 380. General Microbiology  
     BIO 364. Human Uses of Plants
     BIO 420. Medical Parasitology
     BIO 426. Topics in Biology 1
     BIO 427. Topics in Biology with Laboratory 1
     BIO 430. Human Genetics
     BIO 442. Immunology
     BIO 482. Human Histology
     BIO 490. Biomechanics
     PSYC 250. Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
          or PSYC 335. Abnormal Psychology
     PSYC 285. Drugs and Behavior
     PSYC 308. Health Psychology
     PSYC 310. The Psychology of Women and Gender
     PSYC 385. Biopsychology
     PSYC 390. Psychology of Learning
     PSYC 395. Comparative Animal Behavior  


1 The content of this course varies. This course may be used to satisfy a requirement of the minor only if the topics covered have been specifically approved by the human science minor coordinator.