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Program Co-Cordinator
Dr. Sarah O'Connor
Phone: (540) 568-6242

Program Co-Cordinator
Dr. Mary Tacy
Phone: (540) 568-6722


Humanitarian Affairs

The cross disciplinary humanitarian affairs minor provides students with a global perspective on the major issues facing the human community today. Students will investigate the impacts of natural disasters, disease, poverty, conflict, and local, national, and international policies on the welfare of human communities around the world. They will also explore solutions to various humanitarian crises and some of the organizations that address these crises. Finally, students will acquire knowledge and skills that prepare them for careers in governmental or non-profit organizations that address humanitarian issues such as poverty, hunger and malnourishment, conflict, human rights violations and natural disasters.

The minor is open to all undergraduate students at JMU.

Three of the required 18 hours must include HUMN 201; students are strongly encouraged to choose GEOG 491.

The international experience must be one that will enhance the student's knowledge of humanitarian affairs and must be approved by the humanitarian affairs coordinator. This experience can be completed abroad or with an international organization in the U.S.

Required Courses

Core Requirements
Credit Hours
HUMN 201. Introduction to Humanitarian Affairs
Choose five of the following, with no more than two from any single discipline:
     GEOG 215. Geospatial Tools I – Cartography and GIS
     GEOG 300. Population Geography
     GEOG 322. Agricultural Systems and Global Food Production
     GEOG 345. Geography of Poverty
     GEOG 350. Topics: The Geography of Human Genetics and Infectious Disease
     GEOG 366. Introduction to Geographic Information Science
     GEOG 375. Political Geography
     GEOG 491. International Studies
     JUST 235. Justice in the Global Community
     JUST 341/WMST 341. Gender and Justice
     JUST 375. Genocide in the 20th Century
     JUST/POSC 392. Peace Studies
     NUTR 380. Global Nutrition
     POSC/JUST 331. Human Rights in Theory and Practice
     POSC 340. Political Development in the Third World Development
     POSC 347. Comparative Public Policy
     POSC 348. The Politics of Cultural Pluralism
     POSC 395. International Law
     POSC 396. International Organizations
     POSC 397. The Politics of International Economic Relations
     PSYC 460. Community Psychology in Developing Societies
     SOWK 288. Social Welfare
     SOWK/SOCI 348. Introduction to Developing Societies
     SOWK 375. Grant Writing for Agencies
     WRTC 322. Making a Difference: Service Learning Writing


Note: When used for credit in the humanitarian affairs minor, the international experience must be approved and supervised by the minor coordinator or designated faculty.