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Dr. Rustin Greene
(540) 568-7806


British Communication and Media

The cross disciplinary British communication and media minor enables students to expand their knowledge of communication and media in Great Britain, and to enhance their appreciation of the impact culture has on communication and media. Students must participate in the JMU Semester or Summer In London program to complete this minor.

The minor requires at least 18 credit hours, chosen from courses offered both at JMU and in London. Students may double count a maximum of six credit hours toward both a major and this minor.

Required Courses

Credit Hours
Required Courses
     SCOM 248. Intercultural Communication 1  
     SMAD/SCOM/WRTC 360L. British Media and Society 2  
Elective Courses (select at least four of the following courses):
     SCOM 347L. Communication, Diversity and Pop Culture in the U.K. 2  
     SMAD 301L/ARTH 389. Culture By Design 2  
          or SCOM/WRTC 351L. Visual Rhetoric 2  
     WRTC 320L/SCOM 321L. Writing In The Public Sphere 2  
     ENG/SMAD 463L. Film Adaptations: British Literature and Film 2  
     POSC/SCOM/SMAD 472L. Media and Politics in the U.K. 2  
     THEA 449/ENG 412N. London Theatre 2  
     IDLS 486. Internship 2  


1 Must be taken in Harrisonburg at JMU.
2 Must be taken in London.
3 May be taken in Harrisonburg or in London.

Appropriate independent studies and directed projects taken at JMU or in London and semester in London faculty member in residence courses may be counted as part of the minor with approval by the minor coordinator.