As a James Madison University student, you have many opportunities to make choices that will affect your future life. Many of them are made in a social setting, outside the classroom. Your most important choices, however, are those concerning your academic preparation at JMU. The 2010-11 Undergraduate Catalog, is an extremely important reference for you. The catalog offers a comprehensive view of academic life at JMU. Thousands of different courses are available at JMU, providing you with a multitude of options that can open endless learning opportunities.

Take care in selecting your classes. You will need to select the necessary courses to fulfill your particular degree requirements, but don't overlook the many other educational experiences that are available to you. Challenge yourself as you make your selections. Explore the world of knowledge that is available to you. Remember, your educational foundation at JMU can help prepare you for all of life's opportunities.

Along with intellectual enrichment, your collegiate experience will include life-forming decisions and great personal growth. Enjoy your college days. My best wishes go out to you for a wonderful and rewarding year at JMU.

– President Linwood H. Rose