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Dr. Johnathan Walker, Coordinator

Phone: (540) 568-1742

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The purpose of this interdisciplinary program is to broaden the students' perspective by enhancing their understanding and appreciation of Asian culture and institutions. This program combines the offerings of several academic units, such as anthropology, art and art history, economics, English, geographic science, history, international business, foreign languages, political science, and religion and philosophy.

The minimum requirement for a minor in Asian studies is 18 credit hours. These 18 hours can include any of the following courses. Special topics courses not listed can be applied to the minor degree with approval of the program coordinator. A maximum of eight hours of Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Hindi language may be included to satisfy credit hour requirements of the minor.

Credit Hours
ANTH 197. Archaeology
ANTH 380. Chinese Society and Culture
ARTH 430. Far Eastern Art
CHIN 101. Elementary Chinese
CHIN 102. Elementary Chinese
CHIN 231. Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 232. Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 300. Chinese Grammar and Communication
CHIN 399. Intensive Reading and Writing in Chinese
ECON 312. Comparative Economic Systems
ENG 427. Studies in South Asian Literature
FL 490. Beginning Hindi
FL 490. Advanced Hindi
FL 490. Advanced Japanese
KOR 101. Elementary Korean
KOR 102. Elementary Korean
KOR 231. Intermediate Korean
KOR 232. Intermediate Korean
GEOG 334. Geography of East and Southeast Asia
GEOG 338. Geography of the Philippine Islands: Problems and
GHUM 200. Great Works - Asia
GHUM 252 Cross-Cultural Perspectives - East Asian Humanities
HIST 371. India
HIST 375. History of Modern Southeast Asia
HIST 377. History of Korea
HIST 379. Family and Gender in East Asia
HIST 460. Modern Japan
HIST 480. Modern China
IBUS 238-I. Business Environment in China and Southeast Asia
IBUS 238-II. Doing Business in China
JAPN 101. Elementary Japanese
JAPN 102. Elementary Japanese
JAPN 231. Intermediate Japanese
JAPN 232. Intermediate Japanese
POSC 355. East Asian Politics
REL 310. Religions of India
REL 312. Religions of East Asia
REL 313. Hindu Ethics
REL 314. Gandhi, Nonviolence and Global Transformation
REL 317. Exploring Gandhian Philosophy of Nonviolence
REL 318. Exploring Contemporary India
REL/PHIL 385. Buddhist Thought



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