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Women’s Studies Minor

Dr. Jessica Davidson, Co-coordinator
Phone: (540) 568-2697
E-mail: davidsjb@jmu.edu

Dr. Mary Thompson, Co-coordinator
Phone: (540) 568-3758
E-mail: thompsmx@jmu.edu

The women’s studies minor is an 18 credit hour interdisciplinary program that explores the scholarship related to gender and equity issues affecting women. This minor includes one required course, WMST 200. The remainder of the program incorporates many academic fields.

Required Course
Credit Hours
WMST 200. Introduction to Women’s Studies
Choose five of the following:

ANTH 370. Topics in the Anthropology of Gender
ECON 306. Economics of Women and the Family
ENG 367. Women’s Poetry
ENG 368. Women’s Fiction
ENG 466. Studies in Women’s Literature
ENG 467. Feminist Literary Theory
HIST 320. Women in United States History
HIST 321. European Women’s History
HIST 327. Technology in America1
HIST 379. Family and Gender in East Asia
HIST 466. The Family, 1400-1800
JUST 341. Gender and Justice
PSYC 310. The Psychology of Women and Gender
REL 315. Women and Religion
SCOM 348. Communication and Gender
SOCI 337. Sociology of Gender
SOCI 339. Sociology of Women
WMST 400. Issues and Research in Women’s Studies
WMST 490. Special Studies in Women’s Studies
WMST 492. Internship in Women’s Studies
WMST 495. Special Topics in Women’s Studies


1If research project addresses issue of gender.