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Substance Abuse Intervention Minor

Jeanne Martino-McAllister, Minor Adviser
Phone: 568-7097
E-mail: martinjm@jmu.edu

This 22 credit hour interdisciplinary substance abuse intervention minor prepares the student to understand the impacting forces on the abusing individual and help the individual seek aid as appropriate. The SAI minor also prepares the student to assist communities in designing science-based prevention programs. Course work in the SAI minor can lead to certification as a Certified Prevention Professional, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (CPP-ATOD).

Required Courses
Credit Hours
HTH 378. The Use and Effects of Drugs
HTH 407. Health Education Facilitation/Synthesis
HTH 451. Strategies for Health Change
HTH 458. Health Program Planning and Evaluation
HTH 488. Substance Abuse Prevention Basics
SOWK 317. Skills for Generalist Social Work
Choose one of the following:

PSYC 285. Drugs and Behavior
PSYC 308. Health Psychology1

Choose one of the following:

SOCI 327. Juvenile Delinquency
SOWK 340. Violence in Families
SOWK 385. Acting Out Teen Theatre
SOWK 387. Working with Teenagers

Choose one of the following:

HTH 357. Coping with Stress
HTH 278. Alcohol Use and Abuse
HTH 389. Health Education Practicum


1Prerequisite is PSYC 101 and junior status.