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Institute for Environment

Dr. Steven Frysinger, Chair

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The Institute for Environment is a collegial association of environmental faculty from James Madison University, crossing departmental, college and academic program boundaries.



The Institute for Environment (IFE) will promote synergism and faculty/student collaboration in environmental research, projects, and degree programs, helping to ensure that JMU is identified as an institution with a world-class environmental presence which is both coordinated and diverse.



The IFE conducts a variety of activities intended to foster communication and collaboration among the JMU environmental faculty and students, as well as their external stakeholders. Examples of these activities include:

  • Maintenance of a World Wide Web presence (www.jmu.edu/InstituteForEnvironment), which serves as an electronic “front door” to environmental programs and activities at JMU.
  • Facilitation of dialog about the various environmental programs offered or proposed.
  • Operation of a directory and e-mail list to help institute members discover each other’s expertise and communicate with each other.
  • Dissemination of news of interest to institute members via either electronic or paper means.
  • Maintenance of a resource list to help faculty and students locate environmental instruments, equipment and software on campus.
  • Organization of mini-conferences/workshops on the environment to showcase student and faculty work from all academic units.
  • Sponsorship of scholarships/grants to help students with research expenses, conference travel, etc.


Related Programs

JMU offers the following environmental programs:

  • Environmental Information Systems minor
  • Environmental Management minor
  • Environmental Studies concentration (Geography program)
  • Environmental Studies minor (Geology Department)
  • Environmental and Natural Resource concentration (Economics program)
  • Environment concentration (Integrated Science and Technology program)



Faculty members from all colleges of the university participate in the IFE. A complete and current roster may be found at http://www.jmu.edu/InstituteForEnvironment/.