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Criminal Justice Minor

Dr. Peggy Plass, Coordinator
Phone: (540) 568-7151
E-mail: plassms@jmu.edu

The interdisciplinary minor in criminal justice is designed for students who are preparing for careers in law enforcement, corrections, judicial administration or other areas related to the study or management of crime, either directly upon graduation or after further graduate training. The requirement for a minor in criminal justice is 21 credit hours including:

Required Courses
Credit Hours
Choose two of the following:

CRJU 215. Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOCI/JUST 325. Criminology
PSYC 250. Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (Non PSYC majors only) or PSYC 335. Abnormal Psychology (PSYC majors)

Choose five from the following: (Courses must be in at least two different academic disciplines)

PHIL 325. Crime, Punishment and Justice
POSC 326. Civil Rights
PSYC 250. Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (Non PSYC majors) or PSYC 335. Abnormal Psychology (PSYC majors)
PSYC 312. Forensic Psychology
CRJU 215. Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU 328. Criminal Procedure
CRJU 329. Criminal Investigation and Evidence
JUST 327. Criminal Law
JUST 323. Comparative Criminal Justice
SCOM 231. Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution
SCOM 331. Communication and Conflict
SOCI 214. Social Deviance
SOCI/JUST 325. Criminology
SOCI 327. Juvenile Delinquency
SOCI 330. Corrections

Any one of the following1:

POSC 495. Internship in Political Science
PSYC 495. Field Placement in Psychology
PPA 496. Internship in Public Management
SOCI 485. Internship in Sociology

Any one of the following2:

PSYC 402. Independent Research in Psychology
SOCI 490. Special Studies in Sociology


1 Internships must be in a criminal justice-related field in order to receive credit for the criminal justice minor. Credit for only one internship will be given toward the minor.
2 Readings and research courses must be specifically related to the field of criminal justice. Students may register for only one readings and research class for credit toward the minor.

For further information and advice regarding the criminal justice minor, students should contact the criminal justice program director.