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Early Action Admission
Early Action is more competitive than the Regular Decision process. To be admitted through Early Action, a student needs to be superior in curriculum, grades, test scores and extracurricular activities.

The university will offer non-binding early notification admission to qualified first year student applicants. The deadline for early notification is November 1. Successful candidates will be notified in mid-January and must submit a room or tuition deposit by May 1 to enroll at the university. Some students who are not selected for early notification are considered under the university’s regular admission process.

For the last two years, 50 percent of students deferred from Early Action to Regular Decision were eventually admitted. Students who apply Early Action do not have an advantage over students who apply Regular Decision.

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Because Early Action is more competitive than Regular Decision, students who apply through Regular Decision are not at a disadvantage.

Applications must be postmarked by January 15 to be considered for regular decision admission. All applicants will receive notification of their admission status the first week of April. Admitted students must submit a room or tuition deposit by May 1 to enroll at the university.