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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
LAT 101-102. Elementary Latin.
4 credits each semester. Offered fall and spring.
An introductory course for students who intend to acquire only a reading knowledge of classical and medieval Latin. Systematic study of the fundamentals of grammar.
LAT 231-232. Intermediate Latin.
3 credits each semester. Offered fall and spring.
An introduction to Latin literature. The further study of Latin grammar and the elements of Latin prosody are also presented. Prerequisite: One year of college Latin or equivalent.
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Division of Academic Affairs
LS 310. The British Foundations of Modern Science.
3 credits.
Fundamental principles from the modern sciences are surveyed by directed exploration of the work of British scientists who were pioneers in their fields. Excursions to historical sites and museums are linked to reading assignments. Prerequisite: Six hours of laboratory natural science credits.