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Mission Statement

Dr. Robert D. Reid, Dean

Dr. Charles P. Bilbrey, Associate Dean,   Human Resources and Administration

Joyce Guthrie, Associate Dean, Student Services

Dr. Charles D. Pringle, Associate Dean, Academic Programs

Dr. Bradley M. Roof, Associate Dean, External Relations

Dr. Bradley M. Roof, Interim Director, Program of Accounting

Dr. Robert G. Brookshire, Director, Program of Computer Information Systems and Operations Management

Dr. Ehsan Ahmed, Director, Program of Economics

Dr. Alfred J. Francfort, Director, Program of Finance and Business Law

Dr. Reginald Foucar-Szocki, Director,  Program of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Dr. Marion M. White, Director, Program of International Business

Dr. Philip B. DuBose, Director, Management

Dr. Claire P. Bolfing, Director, Program of Marketing

Mission Statement

The JMU College of Business aspires to be one of the best undergraduate programs in the United States. Its mission is to emphasize excellence and continuous improvement in undergraduate learning and to provide quality niche graduate programs.

The college’s undergraduate programs are based on solid foundations in general education and an integrated business core curriculum. Beyond these foundations, the college offers students a wide variety of programs that emphasize theory, application and experiential learning in a business discipline. It encourages faculty to take an active role in innovative curriculum development and assessment designed to improve the educational experience.

In support of its emphasis on quality education, the college strives to enhance faculty involvement in theoretical and applied research and in service activities that contribute to the college, the university, the community, as well as relevant professional associations at the local, regional, national and international levels. To strengthen its ties to the business community, the college supports several external outreach centers.

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