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College of Integrated Science and Technology

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the college is to educate students in the areas of the applied sciences, health, technology and human services, as well as to prepare them to enter professions or to undertake advanced study.


The goals of the College of Integrated Science and Technology are:

         to develop and sustain a community of faculty that pursues high-quality instructional, scholarly and service opportunities.

         to foster, among both faculty and students, life-long professional development, personal growth, and commitment to ethical behavior.

         to contribute to the betterment of society at local, regional, national and global levels.

         to promote and support a collaborative, interdisciplinary perspective.

         to emphasize innovation.

         to promote the wise use of appropriate technology and the application of scientific principles to everyday life.

         to encourage partnerships with industry, government, public and private agencies, and professional organizations.

Majors and Programs

Students may select from a variety of majors, minors, programs, concentrations and tracks that are available through the eight departments that comprise the College of Integrated Science and Technology. Programs offered include the following:

Majors and Programs

         Athletic Training

         Communication Sciences and Disorders

         Computer Science


         Exercise Science and Leadership

         Geographic Science

         Health Assessment and Promotion

         Health Sciences

         Health Services Administration

         Integrated Science and Technology



         Occupational Therapy

         Physical and Health Education Teacher Education


         Public Health Education

         Recreation Management

         Social Work

         Sports Management

         Therapeutic Recreation



         Communication Sciences and Disorders

         Computer Science

         Environmental Information Systems

         Exercise Leadership

         Family Studies



         Health Information Systems

         Human Services

         Integrated Science and Technology


         Materials Science


         Public Health

         Recreation Management

         Substance Abuse Intervention


         Urban and Regional Studies

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