Public Administration

Department of Political Science

PUAD 215. Introduction to Criminal Justice. 3 credits.

An introduction to the development of the American criminal justice system from early English beginnings to the present in its three dimensions: police, courts and corrections.

PUAD 265. Public Administration. 3 credits.

An introductory survey of the principles, functions and processes of public administration with specific emphasis on the political aspects and environment of bureaucracies and the how and why of policy-making within an administrative system. Organizational structure, personnel, budgeting, public relations and government values, traditions and objectives are analyzed. Prerequisite: GPOSC 225.

PUAD 323. Comparative Criminal Justice. 3 credits.

A comparative study of criminal justice systems derived from the major world legal systems. The relevant background factors, government, laws, law enforcement, courts, corrections, youthful offenders are examined in each representative country studied. Multinational criminal justice organizations and special issues are addressed.

PUAD 324. Counterintelligence. 3 credits.

A study of foreign intelligence activities directed against the United States. Special emphasis will be given to counterintelligence measures initiated by the U.S. and especially those leading to successful criminal prosecution when considered appropriate.

PUAD 325. Regional Planning and Organization. 3 credits.

Study of trends and issues in the public planning process with focus on regional planning and organization; the relationship of planners and the planning board to their committees.

PUAD 327. Criminal Law. 3 credits.

Study of substantive criminal law including common law sources and elements of various criminal offenses, justifications and defenses.

PUAD 328. Criminal Procedure. 3 credits.

Study of the criminal justice process from arrest through appeal with emphasis upon the rights of the accused including due process, the right to counsel, search and seizure and the privilege against self-incrimination. Prerequisite: POSC 210 or PUAD 215.

PUAD 329. Criminal Investigation and Evidence. 3 credits.

Characteristics, legal aspects, organizational objectives, theories and systematic procedure of criminal investigation. Includes a survey of the investigative function, interviewing witnesses, interrogation, physical evidence, the investigation of common serious offenses and the principles of evidence, including the legal rules controlling the presentation of evidence in court.

PUAD 381. Budgetary Process. 3 credits.

An examination of the political planning and strategies of Congress and federal agencies in the budgetary process; politics of budgetary reform; state and local budgetary politics; and intergovernmental impacts on budgeting. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

PUAD 410. Administration in Criminal Justice. 3 credits.

A study of the major concepts of management in criminal justice and public safety agencies emphasizing functional and structural approaches and the concepts of leadership, decision making and the effects of social environment in the administration of the criminal justices system. Fulfills the College of Arts and Letters writing-intensive requirement for the major.

PUAD 415. Legal Environment of Public Administration. 3 credits.

Examination of the basic constitutional framework of American public administration. Examines legal constraints imposed on public administrators by law and judicial oversight. Emphasis placed on legal issues affecting public employees. Also examines the basics of public procurement law.

PUAD 420. Public Management. 3 credits.

Study of the management of public agencies from the executive viewpoint. Management control of public agencies will be explored including establishment of goals, policies, organizational structure and output of services. Case studies illustrate administrative behavior and managerial operations in local, regional, state and federal agencies. Does not count as part of the political science major. Fulfills the College of Arts and Letters writing-intensive requirement for the major. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

PUAD 480. Senior Tutorial in Criminal Justice. 4 credits.

A research-oriented tutorial in criminal justice. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of the instructor.

PUAD/SOCI 482. Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice. 4 credits.

A research-oriented senior seminar providing an overview of the discipline of criminal justice and various approaches to research. The student will complete a major research project. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of the instructor.

PUAD 483. Emerging Issues in Public Administration. 3 credits.

A detailed study of an emerging issue in public administration. The course will examine an area of new or emerging interest in the profession of public administration. The course may be repeated for credit with a change in the subject matter. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

PUAD 490. Special Studies in Public Administration. 3 credits.

Designed to give capable students in public administration an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor and department head.

PUAD 496.** Internship in Public Administration. 4 credits.

Provides students with opportunities for experiential learning in a governmental or nonprofit organization. A research paper and a presentation based on the experience are required. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, 15 hours of public administration and permission of the instructor.

** No more than four semester hours (in any combination of internships) can be counted toward a degree.


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