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MSCI 100. Leadership Laboratory (0, 2).  1 credit, repeatable to 8 credits.

A laboratory in the development of leadership, stressing the practical application of leadership principles, techniques, styles and responsibilities. Participation as a member of a team or as a leader of the team given responsibility for accomplishment of given tasks.

MSCI 101. Introduction to Leadership and the Army. 1 credit.

Introduction to various leadership styles and their effect on organizations; an introduction to the organization of the U.S. Army, its roles and missions, customs and traditions; effective writing and oral presentation techniques; orienteering and the use of lensatic compass; principles of physical conditioning. Corequisite: MSCI 100.

MSCI 102. Leadership Development Fundamentals. 1 credit.

Introduction to the basic principles of leadership; developing a personal leadership style; effective writing and speaking skills; introduction to leadership in small tactical units; fundamentals of first aid, land navigation and marksmanship; principles of personal conditioning.  Corequisite: MSCI 100.

MSCI 201. Leadership Styles - Theory and Application.  2 credits.

A study of individual leadership styles and techniques, using historical case studies; an introduction to the branches (specialities) of the army. Communication and goal-setting in small organizations; effective writing and public speaking; performance and evaluation as the leader of a five-member team required to accomplish tasks in a practical setting. Also serve as a member of a 10-person team responsible for accomplishing tasks in a field setting. Corequisite: MSCI 100.

MSCI 202. Developing Leader Skills. 2 credits.

Analyzing missions to determine specified and implied tasks; organizing and conducting a briefing, preparing a concise written directive (operations order); detailing how a team will accomplish its tasks; performance and evaluation as the leader of a five-person team during a 44-hour, off-campus leadership practicum; evaluation of physical fitness preparedness for attendance at Cadet Professional Development Training. Corequisite: MSCI 100.

MSCI 300. Advanced Leadership Laboratory (0, 2).   2 credits, repeatable to 8 credits.

An advanced laboratory in the development of leadership, stressing the practical application of leadership principles, techniques, styles and responsibilities. The advanced leadership laboratory focuses on leadership planning, resourcing and execution. Performance and evaluation as a leader of a 10- to 30-person team given responsibility for accomplishment of given tasks. Responsible for the evaluation, counseling and mentoring of 10 to 30 subordinates and team members. Prerequisites: Completion of ROTC Basic Course (MSCI 101, MSCI 102, MSCI 201, MSCI 202 and MSCI 100 lab). Department head approval required.

MSCI 310. Leading Small Organizations. 3 credits.

Ethical dilemmas in leadership - when organizational goals conflict with member welfare; the role of policy and standard procedures in organizations; continued practice in effective writing and oral presentations; performance as a leader of a 10-person team in practical exercises; evaluation as an instructor of a period of instruction for 30 subordinates; evaluation as a leader of a 10- to 30-person team in a 44-hour, off-campus leadership practicum. Prerequisites: MSCI 101, MSCI 102, MSCI 201 and MSCI 202 or placement credit as determined by the professor of military science. Corequisite: MSCI 300.

MSCI 320. Developing Advanced Leader Skills. 3 credits.

Planning for the unexpected in organizations under stress; developing alternate courses of action which are viable with the given constraints; how to delegate tasks and supervise subordinate leaders; avoiding micro-management—the when and how of providing guidance and direction; time management—the “backward planning process;” evaluation of a 10 to 30-person team within tactical and non-tactical settings; analysis of assigned tasks, preparation of a written directive to accomplish these tasks and oral presentation to others in a concise briefing. Corequisite: MSCI 300.

MSCI 410. Seminar on Command Management - Leadership Challenges and Organizational Goal-Setting. 3 credits.

Studies in advanced leadership and management; how to assess organizational cohesion and develop strategies to improve it; examine and utilize components of the army’s training cycle; methods of instruction, planning and conducting of classes to be taught at leadership lab; conduct of oral After-Action Reviews and preparation of written After-Action Reports; the counseling process for improving individual and group performance of subordinates. Corequisite: MSCI 300.

MSCI 420. Seminar on Officership Transition. 3 credits.

Introduction to army management systems—personnel and logistics; the military’s legal system and its application at the company level; the officer-NCO relationship; The Officer Efficiency Report and its support form; establishment of project time lines with milestones, goals and In-Progress Reviews; book review on the Civil War Battle of Antietam, along with a field trip to Antietam Battlefield. Corequisite: MSCI 300.


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