International Business

College of Business

IBUS 480. International Business Theory and Policy. 3 credits.

The course is designed to serve as an application of theory for business students to allow them to put the total picture of international business together. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of instructor(s).

IBUS 490. Special Studies in International Business. 1-3 credits.

Designed to give capable students in international business an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: GPA of 2.8, recommendation of the instructor and approval of the director prior to registration.

IBUS 494. International Business  Internship.  3 credits.

A course  providing students  an opportunity to work in and with an organization  in order to gain insight into the practical side of modern international business operations. Prerequisites: IBUS major, completion of 85 credit hours and COB 300, GPA of 2.8 and approval of director of  International Business Program prior to registration.

IBUS 498. Special Topics in International Business. 3 credits.

An advanced course designed to allow exploration of current topics in international business. Course content will vary. See the program director for current content. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

IBUS 499. Honors. 6 credits. Year course.

See catalog description entitled “Graduation With Distinction” and “Graduation With Honors.”


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