Human Resource Development

School of Education

HRD 240. Principles of Human Resource Development. 3 credits.

An introduction to the role and scope of human resource development with particular emphasis on required competencies for HRD professionals. Critical moral and ethical issues are introduced.

HRD 245. Leadership in Organizational Settings. 3 credits.

An examination of the principles of leadership and their application to group settings. Emphasis will be placed on the critical appraisal of the facets of leadership through the use of cases and readings.

HRD 370. Performance and Task Analysis in Human Resource Development. 3 credits.

This course is designed to provide the basic skill level for students in the area of occupational analysis and subsequent assessment. Particular emphasis is placed on actual analysis and assessment situations with application to program and curricular design.

HRD 400. Occupational Internship. 3 credits.

A structured occupational internship experience designed to provide students with the opportunity to observe within an actual occupational setting the role and scope of human resource development efforts. Minimum 400-hour experience approved by the program coordinator. Credit may not be earned for both HRD 400 and HRD 401.

HRD 475. Seminar in Leadership. 3 credits.

Designed to provide senior-level students with the opportunity to face some of the dilemmas of leadership. Students will be encouraged to critically examine leaders and organizations to draw from real events the ambiguities of leadership. Course will involve extensive reading, case work and a range of guest speakers. Prerequisite: HRD 245.

HRD 480. Learning in Adulthood. 3 credits.

A study of the learning processes of the adult learner with an emphasis on adaptations of the instructional process to accommodate the differences inherent in the adult learning environment. Practical applications to actual adult learning situations are included.

HRD 485. Development of Materials and Programs. 3 credits.

This course is designed to provide the basic skills necessary to design and develop performance-based training programs and courses. Emphasis will be placed on the actual design and development of training materials.

HRD 490. Special Study in Human Resource Development.  1-3 credits.

Designed to provide in-depth and up-to-date exposure to the topics/issues pertinent to Human Resource Development and allows students to explore topics of special interest in human resource development. Prerequisite: HRD 240 or permission of the instructor.


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