Health and Human Services

Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services

HHS 220. Adult Health and Development Program. 3 credits.

In this academic course and out reach program to adults age 55+ in the surrounding community, JMU students are trained to work 1:1 with the older adults, to apply aging and intergenerational theory and to critically analyze the outcomes from their interactions.

HHS 320. Adult Health and Development Program-Leadership.
3 credits.

Both an academic course and an outreach program to adults age 55+ in the surrounding community, this course offers JMU students who have previously participated in the program the opportunity to become Senior Staff who provide program leadership, oversight and implementation to the program. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor and completion of one semester of AHDP.

HHS 490. Special Topics in Health and Human Services.
0-4 credits.

This course involves topics of special interest in the area of health and human services but is open to all students. The focus of specific courses is identified for specific offerings. Courses are offered based on faculty an student interests.


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